The I Get To Legacy Project is inspired by Ron Konkin, who, in 2009 was diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma at the age of 48 and was only given 4-12 months to live. From then on, his perspective changed. Every day after those first four months, he said “I don’t have to, I get to, because I’m still alive!” No matter what the circumstance, sitting in traffic, cleaning the garage, waiting in line, even in cancer treatment, he saw each day as a good day! He carried on teaching, with his wife Tina, and speaking to thousands for the next four years, and when he passed away on December 25, 2013, he had built an incredible legacy of changed lives.

He would ask himself, “Who do I Get To be a Lifeline to today?” Ron’s legacy has carried on and we hope that this message will inspire you to live on purpose to leave your legacy as well. Each chain is hand stamped and provides part time work for a resident who is transitioning out of homelessness. 100% of the proceeds from each Legacy Chain go to help fund the Community Building Programs at Whole Way House  (founded by Ron’s kids Jenny and Joshua Konkin)