The I Get To Legacy Project aims to have three areas of impact, and YOU are one of them:

Each piece of jewelry is carefully hand-stamped by someone who is transitioning out of homelessness, incarceration or a recovery program and is working hard to move forward in their lives. Your purchase provides meaningful work, which allows them to earn some income, while working at their own pace, in their own environment, and also contributing back to their community, which provides a deep sense of purpose.


100% of the proceeds support the programs at Whole Way House Society, who provide community building programs, support services and meal delivery for low income seniors, vulnerable veterans and people with disabilities in Vancouver (more info at

As you begin to renew your mind into a thought life filled with gratitude, we hope that you will not only share the I Get To message with those around, but as you begin to live it out, you will impact your world around you. Let's create a community who lives on purpose and appreciates the things we get to do in the everyday.


(Special thanks to David Karuhije for capturing the heart and soul of our seniors, veterans and stampers in these beautiful photos)